Descendant of Thieves is designed by the pseudonymous Dres Ladro. -Ladro- translated from Italian means thief. The root of the surname implies he is a Descendant of Thieves.

Ladro (n.) [là-dro]
English: thief, brigand, embezzler, plunderer, highwayman
Italian: ladrone, malandrino, rap inatore, svaligiatore, scassinatore


Dres Ladro designs, constructs, and only wears his own clothing, so as to never be seen wearing the same thing as anyone else… This reveals his philosophy on limited editions whereas an avg of 385 units are cut per style (see care label for #).

As an artist, he pulls inspiration by playing with the delusional effects of sleep deprivation. In this forced state of insomnia, Dres reaches his creative peak. Although initially reluctant, Dres has been convinced to develop a line based on the blueprints of his uniquely engineered designs. Preferring an austere measure of anonymity Dres Ladro remains a nom de plume.


A corrupt act of ingenuity: As a youth, Dres Ladro would sneak into his father’s closet and steal his traditional shirts. He would de-seam them and re-engineer the entire garment. As he still does, he designed from the inside out, paying relentless attention to intricacies of the interior first. He distorted the aesthetics by cutting the silhouette slim and integrating his distinct ‘Quiet’ detailing, including signature Blazing Yellow finished interiors, hidden messages, elastic top button...… Dres’ design philosophy caters to men who are effortlessly stylish rather someone who is desperately seeking attention.

Design Philopsophy:
Create from the Inside out


No more than 400 units per style are cut (see care label for number). Due to these limited production runs, Descendant of Thieves is manufactured in a small-scaled sample room rather than conventional high output production lines. All shirting is constructed with high quality Japanese fabrications.


An illegitimate art exhibition: The location of Dres Ladro’s art exhibition was on the fifth floor of a dilapidated and abandoned building in Berlin’s Mitte neighborhood. Due to the absence of electricity, this event, which had undertones of an old-world secret society soirée, was intensely lit by candles only. Upon entering the expansive 12-room suite, every individual was required to wear a suggestively seductive black harlequin eye mask. The obscure brilliance to his art was that it was directly painted on to the walls so that it would be suitably abandoned along with the building. Dres stood out with his unique attire. After a conversation regarding his clothing, he made it clear that he had no interest in starting a brand or selling his designs. He put exclusivity to the forefront and returned to the root of his passion: designing limited edition clothes for himself and himself alone. Eventually, he agreed to start Descendant of Thieves, but only after setting strict conditions. One of them includes producing very limited runs per style so others can share in the distinct pleasure of feeling unique. The other conditions...

Brand Equation:
Descendant of Thieves = (traditional clothes - Dad) x eccentric artist